Gutter system

Gutter System BRYZA


The correct assembly of PVC gutter system guarantees its proper and reliable operation. Assembly and operation of PVC gutter system differs from the traditional gutter system due to the fact that it includes the phenomena of expansion of system elements. It is realised by means of proper structure of pipe fittings, providing compensation of variations in the length of gutters and down pipes due to temperature. Compensation of variations in length of gutters is obtained due to slidable connection of the gutter with pipe fittings equipped with gaskets, and of down pipes by means of assembling clearance in gutter-pipe fitting connection. Moreover, the supporting elements, such as gutter hangers and pipe supports, apart from their supporting function also enable thermal sliding of gutters and down pipes pipes. In case of assembly of gutters to the under-gutter strips of galvanised sheet, it is necessary to paint them or use coated sheet. Gutters under the eaves should be mounted below the line constituting the extension of the roof plane, in order not to be exposed to the weight of the falling snow. If the roof structure excludes such mounting of gutters, then mounting of the snow fence is required.